Teaching Historical Inquiry with Objects

The six-week course brings together the new College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies with the Smithsonian’s hands-on, museum-based educational techniques that bring historical artifacts to life for millions of visitors each year.

Through explanation, demonstration, and dynamic examples, Dr. Kathy Swan and Naomi Coquillon offer teachers practical ideas for how to entice students to craft complex and incisive questions; think critically about primary and secondary historical sources; form and support their opinions with evidence; and communicate their conclusions in ways that will prepare them to be engaged citizens of the world.

Course Start Date: October 7

Connecticut takes steps to change social studies

July 12, 2014
By The Associated Press

HARTFORD >> Connecticut is taking the first steps toward changing how elementary, middle and high school students learn social studies, tying lessons more closely to critical thinking about government and the economy.

The state board of education approved a statement Wednesday giving school districts guidance on developing a social studies curriculum that prepares students to enter a “globally competitive workforce” where economics, geography, technology and culture play a role.

“It gives students the skills of being citizens, asking questions about government, economics, about the past,” said John Tully, a Central Connecticut State University history professor who worked with the board on the curriculum changes.

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Hawaii Looks to Adopt the C3 Framework

July 2, 2014
By Alia Wong

The educators described the new framework — also known as “C3,” short for College, Career and Civic Life — as a breath of fresh air, particularly as the state ramps up testing requirements for students in math and language arts. They also indicated that the program would help students think critically about current events and inspire them to make a difference in the world, attributes that many teachers feared were going to be stamped out of classrooms three years ago when the DOE nearly slashed its social studies requirements

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C3 Teachers is an open, collaborative website, sponsored and supported by the National Council for the Social Studies where you can interact with other teachers about enhancing social studies, C3teachers.org aims to empower teachers as they wrestle with the big ideas and instructional implications of the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies State Standards. 


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Thankfully, for those of us who teach social studies we have a game changer on the horizon – a newfound focus on inquiry. This is the major reason why I am so encouraged about the work being done through the publication of the C3 Framework.  -- Brady Webe

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Download the C3 Framework fromNCSS - HERE

Download the C3 Framework fromNCSS - HERE