Professional development

Designing C3 Inquiries that Make Thinking Visible

Recently, a department chair at one of our 25 high schools here in Fairfax County, Virginia asked me if there will be a project this summer to create additional C3 inquiries for VA standards of learning. The question made me smile as it suggested that teachers were using the 13 modules that have been created […]

Stay Intellectually Curious this Summer with C3-Minded Podcasts

Now that summer is here, the pressures of the school year are alleviated, at least partially. I can finally tackle my to-read pile! Though as a sufferer of tsundoku—a Japanese word meaning I have a problem with buying books that stack up, but not reading them—the stack of books will likely remain pretty high. One […]

A Recipe for Success

Last fall the TPS Eastern Region program offered an online Professional Development Course for teachers, librarians, and educators from museums and nonprofit organizations, Designing C3 Inquiries with Library of Congress Political Cartoons. We have been teaching similar PD courses with a different content focus since 2011.  This year yielded the best ever participant inquiries and […]

C3 Next Steps: Hubs and Exchange

During the National Council for Social Studies’ Annual Conference in Washington, DC, the C3 team held two meetings at the National Museum of the American Indian. Here, we met with strategic partners to discuss the C3 Hubs and the C3 Exchange, respectively. This is an important next step for C3 Teachers. We are not only […]

Reflecting on the IDM Institute 2016: Three days in a C3 collaborative

One hundred seventy-five eager educators just converged in Lexington, Kentucky for the 2016 IDM Institute. Beyond the obvious, the collective group received an in depth look at the structure and design strategies for how and why the IDM and C3 Framework was created. To help kids question! There were several great one-line gems given throughout the week, but S.G. Grant delivered […]

Contextualizing the C3 Framework: Using IDM Modules to Support Global Education

Globalization has changed the purposes and processes of education. The prolific historian, Dr. Peter Stearns notes, “A more global framework creates new perspectives, and some fresh challenges, making American history a livelier experience and, of course, linking it to other history courses in a less fragmented way. Ultimately, I would suggest, a global approach to […]

The C3 Framework + IDM + 3 Hours Workshop = Teacher Leaders Driving Instructional Change

As a High School Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, I am aware that each year I am in this position, it is another year I am not in the classroom. However, a major advantage of this position is the opportunity to develop teacher leaders through curriculum, instruction, and assessment opportunities supported within and beyond […]

Taking In4med Action: 45 Options for Dimension 4     

  In the Summer of 2015 I facilitated a two week workshop with 8 high school social studies teachers on performance based assessments (PBA). This curriculum project provided the opportunity, and context, to formally introduce the C3 Framework and IDM to Fairfax County Public Schools. The team was comprised of 8 teachers who represented the […]

Summering With the C3 Framework: Tell Me More, Tell Me More…

During the past few annual meetings of the NCSS, the momentum behind the C3 framework has been building. From Seattle to Boston, the trajectory of implementation has been marked by excitement, professional collaboration, and a desire to explicitly articulate how the C3 framework will improve social studies education. Now planning and discussion are becoming practice. […]

The Relevance of Social Studies: Taking Informed Action

I re-read my previous blog post discussing the fourth dimension of the C3 Framework, which discussed the idea of students “Taking Informed Action.” If you go back, you’ll see I was very excited about the idea, but also a little overwhelmed.