Taking Informed Action

C3 Hawai’i: Making Our Social Justice Education Mission Explicit

In 1916, John Dewey wrote, “As a society becomes more enlightened, it realizes that it is responsible not to transmit and conserve the whole of its existing achievements, but only such as make for a better future society. The school is its chief agency for the accomplishment of this end” (Dewey, 1916, p. 20). From […]

The Sweet Spot: The In-Between of Taking Informed Action

Since joining the C3Teacher team, I have written a lot of blog posts about the Taking Informed Action piece. I became a teacher for a love of the content, but my passion has increasingly become the way social studies can empower students to act. In the last couple months, being an engaged citizen has taken […]

Can an inquiry help save an historic site?

After working as a member of the Teacher Collaborative Council for the New York State Social Studies Toolkit Project, I was inspired to become actively involved with the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot. This organization is dedicated to saving a vital supply depot in the American Revolution from commercial development and preserving the site for […]

Silver Linings – Getting Informed

It has been a year since my last post Do We Always Have to March on Washington and wow, time has flown. The C3 has really taken root in DCPS and in future posts I will share these exciting transformations. Since the election, there has been a lot of coverage of various protests by adults […]

Practicing Citizenship: Taking Informed Action

The Inquiry Design Model – Conceptual Principles: Provide tangible opportunities for taking informed action Though it sometimes feels like education is focused only on preparing students for their future jobs in the workforce, we need to be conscientious about preparing them for their job as active, participatory citizens. Remember that third “C” of the C3? Preparing […]

How Informed Does Informed Action Have To Be?

MaryBeth Yerdon & Janae Bell Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada There are two curricular strategies that we have struggled to implement as we have begun to use the C3 Framework. The first is taking time to develop responsive units and the second is planning effective informed action. Many of our colleagues have […]